Hurricane Relief

The year 2017 marks one of the most destructive years in history for Atlantic hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with record flooding that no one was prepared for. Along with Harvey, this was the first year since 2007 having two category 5 hurricanes, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have devastated Florida and Puerto Rico.

These storms left millions of people without power, destroyed homes forcing hundreds of thousands of people to remain in shelters and ravaged whole islands. Victims of these tragic circumstances need all the help they can get at this time.

In wake of these events we, at Yogh, have decided to give ten-percent of every sale to The Salvation Army to help the victims recover in this time of need.



Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with a force that will be remembered for decades as it was the first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in Texas since Hurricane Carla in 1961. In cities like Rockport and Futon, many structures were damaged and destroyed. Boats were thrown and sunken.

Catastrophic flooding hit Houston harder than anyone was prepared for and it became devastating to the city as floodwaters submerged interstates and subdivisions, forcing residents to their attics and roofs while waiting on help from the emergency lines. Harvey killed 83 people and estimates place the damage caused by Harvey could be close to $200 billion.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma first gained Category 5 intensity on September 9th, and within 5 days, is now known as the most powerful hurricane on record in the Atlantic. Irma’s rage resulted in power outages across Florida leaving millions without power and on a long road to full recovery.

Development on the islands of Barbuda and Saint Martin were described as being 95% destroyed, with thousands of people feared homeless. So far, Irma has resulted in at least 102 deaths, including 44 across the Caribbean, and 58 in the United States.



Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria devastated an already battered Caribbean, which was left in intense recovery after the hit from Hurricane Irma. The storm came out of nowhere, as it explosively intensified over a 24-hour period, the hurricane's winds doubled from 80 mph and a Category 1 hurricane to 160 mph and a Category 5 hurricane.

The entire island of Puerto Rico has been left without power and at least nine people have died across the Caribbean from the storm. The aftermath of Maria contains the destruction of properties, leaving a huge majority of families without homes. Hurricane Maria’s destruction has set Puerto Rico back decades.